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Tips To Getting More Likes And Comments On Instagram

One of the most popular social networks’ that does not seem to be slowing down in popularity is Instagram. Since its takeover by the world’s beigest search engine, it has almost doubled its membership. It has proven a highly popular way for people to share pictures and now video with other users. The easy access to camera technology also means that everyone can now play photographer and upload their work. There are even easily accessible applications one can download to their phone to edit their picture before posting it. It has never been easier to share photographic content.


The increased membership however means it has become tougher to gain recognition and attract new followers if you have just joined in. A good way to begin would be to use what you already have. Instagram allows for people to share their content across several other social networks. If you already have a presence on these networks and followers, share your content and invite them to join you on Instagram. Another way to help bring your work to the attention of other users is to make use of as many and popular hashtags as possible. The more terms you make use of to relate your content, the more times it will come up under searches.


Another simple way to promote yourself would be to find other popular users who share similar content. When you become active by following them, liking their content and leaving comments, they and their followers will likely also check out your content. The estimated return rate on this sits at about a third. To increase your Instagram Likes and comments, make sure that the content itself is also worthy of recognition. Post images regularly but not in large number. Pick the best few and share them sparingly so that other users will be encouraged to follow you so as to keep with your next postings.


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